Update: My Life

Hey everyone!

I thought I would do a little life update since I haven’t in a bit! How is everyone?

I wanted to share some things I am really excited about today. I mentioned in another blog post that I am writing a poem book… and yes, I am! It has been something I have been working so hard on. I have been loving the learning process—- figuring out how to layout a book on InDesign, learning how to self-publish, etc. I submitted a book proposal to a couple publishers, but have everything prepared to self publish as well. Even more so, I have been staying creative in order to have more ideas for writing. Yes, that includes me writing frantically in class or with a friend while being looked at weirdly. When the creative words strike, you gotta write it down.

So, I guess I have realized that I love to learn things when I teach myself how to do things. That is what inspires me the most and makes me feel the most alive. I also have been trying to do new or creative things as much as I can, like going to an art museum or trying a dance class.

This summer, I am going to work but I also know that I need some other projects to work on and to get me excited. So besides the whole publishing process, I am going to train for a half-marathon. I’ve also always been super into krav maga, which is self-defense— kinda like martial arts and super bad-ass. Thinking I might try it!

When it comes to my personal life, this semester I have spent a lot of time growing and learning about myself. I have fallen in love with the act of self-care and it is such a necessity for me. Something I do every morning is meditate and I also stretch, do yoga, and move my body. I think it is so important to feel how your body works and be proud of what it can do. Along with this, I feel like I really have the people in my life that are meant for me, and feel like I am more myself than I have ever been.

My mental health has been better than ever, and I am so thankful for the people who support me in my life. I still have days where I feel anxious or slightly depressed, but I have learned what works for me. Something I have been trying to do is open my heart-space more and let things flow in and out of my life without holding on so tightly. That includes emotions, people, etc. So when I am stressed, I allow myself to feel it and let it go, and then the anxious feelings I usually have aren’t stored in my body as much.

I am going to Thailand in May, and I am so excited to throw myself into a new place and learn and grow. I haven’t done it since New York, so I am a little nervous, but I am going to do it and learn from it the best I can. I think of myself as a rubber band— I can stretch to opportunities, and then come back to myself, a little more flexible with what I can do.

So, that’s the complete update for you guys! Thanks for listening, and as always, I am sending so much love and good energies your way.

All the best,

XX Mads

Madison Brandt