Being a Deep-Feeler


Don’t worry, me too.

What does it mean to be a deep feeler? Well yes, it means to feel deeply. But what does it look like? And how does it affect you?

Being a deep feeler means that every emotion, good and bad, are felt deeply. For me, when things are hard, they are really hard, and when they are good, they are so, so good. For deep feelers, life isn’t easy. We tell ourselves that we are complicated and so much to deal with just because we experience emotion more than others. Having a hard time dealing with the great waves of emotion affect us, and it can be hard to know how to handle ourselves.

While the bad things can be extremely hard, we feel the good in such amazing ways. The waves of happiness are so incredible. And while the lows are hard, the highs are worth it. Because we feel the joy and appreciate it more than anyone else.

You are not complicated. You just feel. And feeling is okay. Yes, the downs may be hard, but they make you appreciate the highs so much more. Your emotions may not always be the easiest to handle, but know they bring more gifts than curses. Your ability to feel help you empathize, love, and understand others. It is a gift. You can relate to others. You’re the person people go to. You’re the best friend. Loyal. True. Loving. Kind. Beautiful. When you can understand yourself and your emotion so deeply, you are able to do so much for others. You understand the world a different way. And you have the power to affect the world.

You are a gift, deep feeler.