Why Leadership in our Generation Sucks

Hi all,

I’ve been wanting to write about this for awhile. I’ve been starting to question leadership since so much is corrupt lately. First of all, Trump has been accused of sexual assault and harassment many times. I read 22 allegations today and literally my mouth dropped at all the different women’s statements. No, I’m not naive to believe all of them are telling the truth. But can they really all be lying? His own wife accused him of raping her. And the awful part? Trump’s lawyer stated that you “can’t rape your wife.” Untrue. And absolutely, horrifyingly disgusting.

My mom told me that when she was in college, so many coaches and sports players were what we now call rapists. Back then it wasn’t called that or as focused on, but today it is such an issue. And that I am thankful for, that at least today we can call it out and say it’s wrong. We can name it. Oh, and the Larry Nassar case? Another freaking example. Why are the people we are supposed to trust the people who fail? Why are they the ones we actually should be worried about? Do they really think their authority gives them the position to act the way they do?

So many questions. Something I really am frustrated with lately are all the people who make music today. 6ix9ine is going to prison because he is in a gang? And he organized a shooting with them at his own concert? Rappers have tattoos all over their faces, talk absolute trash about women, are violent and inappropriate, and make music that reflects those things. And people look up to these “stars.” The ones that speak into their headphones terrible things that we think are acceptable since it’s written in song. In song or not, it’s still being said. And it’s changing our standards of what is acceptable.

I’m not saying I’m not to blame. While I don’t listen to these awful rappers, I listen to artists like Billie Eilish. Her music is great, beautiful voice. But she makes being sad and mental health issues almost look “cool.” These kids are too damn young and unsure of the world to make music that defines it.

We look up to these social media stars who have terrible morals and we see their fame and that shapes the way we view them… in a positive light? We need to start seeing people for who they are and now allow people to get away with their actions and words since they are in a position of authority.

I encourage you to find positive role models and social media stars, along with music that fills your ears with positive information. Oh, and to learn as much as you can and spread knowledge. Do everything you can about what’s wrong. Be a force of nature for good.



Madison Brandt