Pain as Information

Hi loves!

Let’s start off today with a question:

What is this pain here to teach me?

This question digs in deep. I think we can all agree that pain does not feel good. But we feel it because it is here to tell us something. If you broke your arm, and you didn’t feel a single thing, how would you know that it was broken? The pain tells your brain that something is wrong. Something hurts.

Physical pain tells us when we are sick. It tells us when our bodies are out of alignment. What do we do? We take medication, we stay in and nurture our bodies with good food and sleep. We take care of ourselves. We find a solution. We withstand the pain until it goes away, and we know it will. It’s temporary.

Same with emotional pain. It is here to let us know that something is wrong. Or something hurts. If our hearts are feeling heavy with sadness, it is because of that instance that happened. If someone you love were to give up on you, your heart would tell you that that makes you sad. If your body is going into fight-or-flight mode, it is because you have something making you feel the need to run.

Our emotions are smart. Sometimes we don’t even know what exactly is wrong, or what part of the situation hurts the most. The emotions hit the spot that hurts, and let us take that time to think about what needs healing. For example, if you went through a break up, and your heart is hurting… let the pain be heard by digging into what is the real pain. Do you feel rejected? Are you feeling lonely? What needs aren’t being met?

I honestly think that even though it hurts, it is the best thing for us to have this information. What wounds need healing? What patterns inside of you are being tapped on?

Pain is information. Always. I encourage you to let pain show up and not to be afraid. It is speaking to you. Think about what is truly hurting. Then, just like you would with physical pain, try to find some sort of solution.. That could be yoga, resting, a conversation, a hug, or even just letting the pain be. Letting it be heard. This is the best way to become self-aware and to understand yourself. How would you get to know a friend better? Listening. Asking questions. Let your pain be your friend. Your very wise friend. Ask it questions. Listen to it. It is here to teach you.

Open your ears, my loves. Your heart is speaking. Your feelings are shouting. Listen!



Madison Brandt