The Power of Growth and Healing

Hi everyone!

HEALING!!! We all do it. That’s the topic. Boom. Blog over. Just kidding.. enjoy below—-

After a long draining day, I texted my soul sister/ roommate from when I went to FIT, and we had a whole conversation about emotions. We chatted about our past relationships, pain, obstacles, and turning those into fuel for the path to self-love and acceptance. We asked ourselves, why did we choose what we did back then? Why were we so dumb? I re-trace my steps and I change those words— I chose then what I did then when it was right for me. And that has changed, but only because of those experiences!

I look back at some of the things that have really been difficult. As I inch away from tough experiences, I gain a clarity that I am so thankful for. But at the same time, I think I am always healing from these experiences. And I think everything we go through, we get through it initially, but in different ways it continues to heal as time goes on. And maybe that just means that today I remember something that was a part of my past, and say, wow that was not the best, but I’m out of it now!

For example, going to NYC and everything that brought to me helped me learn and grow. But damn did I have to heal, and that took a year of hardship. Even when I left NYC, I continued to heal while I was dealing with the struggle of transitioning to a new school.. healing from that… it just continues! Maybe healing isn’t the right word. Maybe it’s dealing with a discomfort and shifting out of it.

I think we can even heal during experiences. When I was in my past relationship, I knew there were so many more things I was looking for. I could feel myself wanting to take some time for myself to learn who Madison really was. I could feel myself healing during the experience, preparing myself for the truth I knew: it wasn’t meant for me anymore. And I had grown!

The experiences we go through never leave us. They are always going to be a part of us! I sit here writing, feeling a little uncomfortable as I pass through the wave of emotions that each of these experiences bring. I thank the healing, because it shows that I am a fluid being. I shift and grow and change and I never get to be the same. And how beautiful is that? Sometimes things leave us with hurt, but they leave us with teachings that we desperately need to fuel us forward.

Thank you, NYC, for showing me what a hard time looks like. From you, I have learned strength and how to build the home within myself that I have. I got to know myself so much better! Transitioning to a new school was hard, but thank goodness I went through the discomfort. I have made the best friends, learned so much and am on the path to becoming the person I know I want to be. My past relationship was a whirlwind of new and firsts, and I learned more than I could imagine. As I step away from it, I have crafted a relationship with myself that is so fully needed, and have learned what I deserve and what I am looking for.

And day to day emotions? Mini-healings. Feel them, question why they are there, and let them go. A secret I have for you? The human experience is hard. We all have different ways we take care of our emotions. Some people feel them so deeply like me, and some people find their emotions hidden through school work, alcohol, staying busy, etc. Nothing is right or wrong, but I think we are all finding our own ways to get by and do this thing called life the best we can.

It’s hard. There’s joy, and there’s difficulty. And I think we need to just see the hard things as spaces that are needed to shift us to the next space. Sometimes, I wonder, where is my next discomfort? How can I grow next? Feel more and learn more?

Wake up and enjoy you every day! You do this thing called life with yourself every day—and you do it all! Have you heard that quote/idea, “take care of yourself like a small child?” Do it! Hug yourself, love yourself, and do everything you can to show yourself all the love you deserve!

Let us be humans together.

XX, Mads

Madison Brandt