Happiness and Sadness: What You Need to Know

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Hello, loves! Hope you are having a fabulous and uplifting week. Today I wanted to talk a little about emotion!

So, we all shoot for happiness. Because it feels so, so good. I think we tend to make happiness our baseline, and when we feel any other emotion we wonder why we aren’t happy. Remember, without sadness, you’d never know the greatness of happiness. Even though sadness doesn't feel the best, life doesn’t need to be “feeling good” all the time. What makes you believe that? 

What if happiness isn’t our baseline? What if our natural state is just being okay?

Whenever you begin to curse "negative" feelings...

If all you have ever known was happiness, you wouldn’t know anything else. You’d expect it. If you were always skinny and suddenly started gaining weight, you’d want to be skinny again because it is perceived as “good” by yourself and society. Same with happiness. When you start getting sad, you want to be happy. Personally, I have been through my series of lows, and not only have they made me appreciate happiness, but it has made me stronger. Sadness has a purpose. Why is happiness is perceived as the “right” way to be and sadness as “wrong?"

When you step back and look at happiness and sadness objectively, you can see that they are both emotions. Without society’s perspective, neither is “good” or “bad.”

Ask yourself this Strange question: When you see a lamp, a mirror, or a t-shirt, do you associate them with yourself?

 No, of course not.

If you think about it, there is no difference from you observing a t-shirt and observing your emotions. The true difference is that you feel your emotions inside your body, while a t-shirt isn't inside of you. Emotions are inside of your body, so you associate them more with who you are than something outside of you. 

If you want to deal with emotions better, learn to observe your feelings instead of becoming them. Observe them like you would a t-shirt. Watch them flow and don't become too attached or defined by them. Since you are human, you will still feel emotions. But, if you observe your emotions and separate them from who you are as a human being, you will become less consumed by emotion. YOU aren't your emotions. You will realize sadness isn’t you, and neither is happiness. Think about it. Is your body you? Are feelings you?  No!  When you are happy, you are you, and when you are sad you are you. 

You just are.

And you just experience.

Ride the waves of happiness and sadness, and know that when you are riding the tide of sadness, happiness is just one wave away.