Miles Law: Right, Wrong, & Perspective

Hello, my loves! Today I wanted to write about a topic I have been super passionate about. PERSPECTIVE.

Society today is full of so many opinions. Who’s right or wrong? How do we compromise?

I always dumb it down to this example. When you go to a movie with your friends, there will be differing opinions. Some people will love it, some will hate it, and others will think it is just O-K. If some people like the movie, and some don’t, how do you know if the movie is good or bad? What determines it?

Right and wrong are our own realities. They don’t truly exist. You can put an opinion on an object, but you can’t put a fact on the object. The object just is. The opinion is nothing, it’s like air.

Knowing that, why do people think they are right or wrong?


Your views on life are formed by your own perspective, which includes where we grew up, our home life, and friends. And as your circumstance changes, your perspective can too.

Let me paint you a picture. You were born into a family that gives you everything you want. Your dad isn’t around much and your mom works late, so emotional, deep conversations don’t occur. “Bonding time” is summed up to running errands with your mom, and she buys you things during her limited time windows, which is her way of showing love.

So, you grow up thinking love is money. You aren’t an emotional, loving person because you haven’t been shown those things. But, you crave quality time and love, and continue through life giving love the way you were shown.

You are built by circumstance and your upbringing, and these things craft your view of the world.

So, today, in the government, everything goes so slow because everyone believes they are right. And all of those people fight for their beliefs because of how vivid and real their perspective of the world feels to them. Oh, if only they knew Miles Law. Then, they would know they aren’t “right,” but their world is a painted picture of their crafted perspective.

As you carry on with your day, and find yourself judging another or disagreeing with one’s words, take a moment to see where they sit, and why that determines where they stand.