Figurin' it All Out

Hello, college! Once again, here we are.

It is so, so crazy to me that I graduate in less than 2 years. So, I have to find a job, move, leave my friends, and start a new life. Point blank. I have to say this all freaks me out. I have never been much of a college person (or a school person), so I don’t have too many ties to college besides the amazing friends I have made. It is a blast, but I am very excited for the future. Even though it is scary.

I think this time is going to be the most transition we will ever encounter. I’ve heard a lot of things about what your 20s are all about, and I heard they are full of growth and change. My favorite things… if you have read this blog. But, the idea of leaving the new life I have now transitioned into, and go to a new city all by myself, doing big-girl-things… is WOW! The independence is going to be off the charts. The opportunities. The new memories and friends.

I think my biggest fear is finding people. I know that I will, but people really make a place. Even if I moved to the most beautiful city, it is going to be made so much better due to the people in it. And not only the people, but the friendships. For me, the deep friendships. And that takes time. But, I’ve done it one with college, and there is no doubt that I will do it again. Even if it takes a good amount of time. I think I’ll need to focus on giving myself slack and space to have a transition. That it is okay and totally and completely allowed + normal.

Whenever I have questions about the future, I look to the past. We connect the dots going backward, not forward. You have to remember that. So do I. We can do this future thing, my loves! We are so much stronger than we will ever know.

Woo-hoo! Let’s keep taking this journey as it comes.

XX, Mads

Madison Brandt