Friendship 101


Hi loves!

Friendship! Friendship! Friendship!

Such a beautiful thing. Something I have really learned this last year is not only the importance of friendship, but what it should look like. And also, what it shouldn’t look like.

First of all, friendship brings such a technicolor to my life. It is something I appreciate more than anything! Friends are there for you through everything— yes, more than all dumb boys who don’t text you back. Your friends won’t text you back, and you know it’s cause they are probably preparing a speech to you about why that boy is dumb and why you are the amazing queen you are regardless.


I grew up with my two bestest friends in the world— Julia and Anna. We have been through literally everything together. Every stage of becoming who we were, and loving each other regardless. They’ve seen the tears, the break-ups, the smiles, the laughs, and the crazy adventures. The most beautiful thing about lifelong friendships like this, is that their quirks are just them, and they don’t bother you anymore. You fully accept them and they accept you! They know you so so deeply. These are my soulmates, my heart-and-soul friends, my unconditionals. To you two, you make up half my heart and have shown me a love that I literally can’t explain and am so grateful for. No matter where we go, we will always have each other.

As I keep growing, I meet new people, and build new friendships. I have come to college and made best friends (peep the profile pic of this) that are so aligned to who I am today. We keep changing, and we meet people who are meant for us in each space of our life. And I’ve met some of my forever people! People that have opened me up to a new space of myself as well.

What I’ve learned? Some stay, and some go. It’s never about you, but people leave for their own reasons. For their own needs. Connection is a hard thing to get right, and I am so grateful for the people that have joined me for this connection journey. Some people are meant for a space of your life, and some only take you so far. And that’s okay—they were a part of the journey that mattered when it did!

Even more so, I have learned what friendship should feel like. It’s not anxiety or guessing or changing yourself. It’s not wondering what they say when you aren’t there. It’s not getting nit-picked on or feeling not enough. It’s not being drowned in their problems. What is it? It’s easy-ness. It’s being yourself and never questioning the way things are. It’s sharing yourself and letting it be accepted— because it is.

Thank you to all the people who make me feel known, loved, and accepted. You are the people that make me so so happy every day! Sending all my love. Today and always!

XX, Mads

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