What do I minor in?

Hi everyone!

I’ve talked about finding your major, but what about your minor? Obviously, a major is the bigger deal, but I’ve noticed that people struggle with finding their minor almost more. Sometimes it is easier to know the big thing, and then we stress about the little thing like it really is that big thing.

For me, I came to college planning on majoring in Journalism, but my minor? No idea. I found many minors that I thought I would like, and saw classes from each that I wanted to take—things I wanted to actually learn. For each individual minor, unfortunately, there were always a couple prerequisites and intro classes that I didn’t want to take for this “label” of a minor. If you know me, you know I usually don’t do things that I don’t want to do. For me, the time I spend on something matters and I have a really hard time doing things I don’t care about.

So, for me, I decided that a minor wasn’t going to work. This gives me the freedom to really learn and take all the classes that I want to. If a employer ever asks why, I’ll tell them I wanted to be more versatile. I wanted to learn more things and use college for what it’s for! Or, I’ll tell ‘em I took the “freedom minor.” Ha.

But for you, if you don’t want to take random classes like me, I have a couple of questions you can ask yourself:

1. What is my major?

2. What do I not know, but want/need to learn?

3. What does my future career look like/ requirements?

4. What sounds fun to me?

And, there, my friends are the questions you should ask yourself.

Xx, Mads

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