Back to Sophomore Year?

So, back again?

That's right. So I'm going back to college, my second year. I am definitely less nervous, but I also feel myself starting to get slightly sad as the school year starts. I want to go and learn, be with my friends, and figure out what the hell I'm doing. 


I had bumps, that's for sure. The summer before, I was extremely sad for the months in advance. I didn't want to leave my friends. And start the unknown. During the year, I was lonely, I struggled with mental health, I lost friends, made friends, lost myself, and found myself again. It was a year of beginnings, learning how to grow independent, and how to deal with transition. It was so hard leaving my hometown to NYC, and even when I transferred back, it was hard adjusting to a new place and learning how to be in it. I think that leaving my friends that I've had all my life was the hardest part. Leaving my support team. My comfort. Going to college takes away your comfort so you can build yourself in a way that allows you to go and take on the real world. I made some friends, I learned how to study, and I'm proud of myself for growing. I can say that now.



So, I'm not there yet. But, I do want to say that I am a little less nervous. I feel a little sad, just because I'm not sure what my future holds. I have no idea where my friends will be next summer... I have no sense of future. But, maybe that's okay? Maybe that's where the growth holds itself. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends, enjoying my classes, and learning more about myself. My classes are so awesome-- I'm getting my yoga license through the school and taking an entrepreneurship class! Along with other classes, but man, these are getting me excited! I'm not super excited to do schoolwork, but I'm excited to get back and inspired. And, do some of my own business work on the side. :)

Cheers to another year!



Madison Brandt