Inner Beauty

Hey beauties!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. I guess you could say I’ve been pretty busy with life. Hosting a podcast, playing club tennis for my University, trying to build a business, doing homework, and having a social life can be time consuming! But, I’ve been good. I’ve been happy and I’m loving fall: candles, movies, cookies, and snuggling up and getting cozy.

But, back to the reason why you’re reading this post. Inner beauty. We all hear this concept but does anyone even understand it or care? No, it’s not just as simple as loving yourself and telling yourself you’re beautiful on the inside. Even though you are. Know that.


I’m sitting here in my web design class and listening to people talk about what they are going to build their websites on. As each person talks about their inner passions and why they are creating their site, I see into their passions and interests. It was so beautiful to hear. They smile and light up and are doing things in a way that I would never think of.

Inner beauty is recognizing your cool inner passions and interests and knowing you are so unique and lovely because of them. It’s talking a mile a minute about something that interests you because you care about it. It’s knowing that no one cares about it like you do or can accomplish it or think about it the way you do. It’s knowing that other people would burn out doing it because it’s unique to YOUR light and passion and YOUR way of living it.

You’re the only one that can.

You have an inner light and passion and you will bring it to the world in a way that doesn’t exist and we all need that unique light.

Isn’t that beautiful, self?

PS: This photo made me laugh because it’s such a ridiculous message about beauty being makeup.

XX, Mads