Hello, everyone!

When I was in NY, I worked with Prince's makeup artist, David Maderich. I emailed him, and since I was from MN, he gave me a shot. He let me come shadow him, and after seeing my work on a model, allowed me to assist him on advertisements and fashion shows.

I loved it, but I also didn't. The world of beauty was CRAZY and definitely a little superficial for me, but my love for makeup definitely kept me goin'.

I was going to make a podcast out of it, but I thought it would make a better blog. So here's some snippets of my interview with him. It's not word for word, but I summarized it to make it helpful and useful for you! I'll skip the intros and get right to the good questions. The good stuff!

"What was your path to becoming a makeup artist?"

In my time, it was a lot easier. I could call up a photographer and get to work for them. I started off by doing a lot of testing, I would literally do any work that I could. It was all about connections and referrals." 

"So you were Prince's makeup artist, is there anything about Prince that we would like to know-- tour information, makeup tips, or anything else?"

"He had this one foundation, it was by Elizabeth Arden, and it was in the palest white color. Every time it was about to hit the bottom, we would have to go get another one. There were so many in his kit, and I have one of the empty bottles which is my favorite thing that I've kept from that time. It was crazy on tour with him, there are so many memories. I remember seeing girls come out of tents in the cornfields who would camp outside wherever we were on tour, they were groupies. When I did Prince's makeup, I had to have a powder puff in my hand. I couldn't touch his face, and I remember one time I accidentally did and he made a remark at me, I don't remember exactly what he said, but he didn't like it. Prince was similar to Michael Jackson, he was separated from the world at a young age and didn't get to learn social norms. He was definitely weird, but that was expected due to his circumstances and being a young star. I didn't get super close to him, but me and his band members had a blast."

"What would you say to people who want to be makeup artists?"

"It's a different industry. I would say, do any free work or anything that you can to build your portfolio and practice. It's all about who you know now, there are so many artists who have claimed their space and it's hard to get into. But, you can definitely do it with passion and drive, and I think in the future things will change and there will be more space for people in the industry." 

"What are your thoughts on "Instagrammer" artists?"

"Now, everyone thinks they are an artist. It's instagram artists, and GlamSquad. GlamSquad is an app where people travel around town with that makeup suitcase and get paid $50 to do makeup. They have way less talent, but are taking away business from real artists and lowering our pay. I don't get paid nearly what I used to in this industry." 

Hope you guys enjoyed, I just wanted to share some snippets of our convo! Also, everyone wants to hear a little about Prince.