Hello, lovelies!

Let me tell you about a hidden gem that has slowly become not-so-hidden.

RCMA no-color powder. Seriously, no color.

It’s not cakey or drying and can be used on most skin tones for setting (except dark skin, click here). I use this powder for setting on a majority of my clients and it helps the makeup last all day. If you’ve never heard of RCMA, the brand was originally made for the film industry, and all of their products are made from vegetable oils and pure waxes. So, so kind to the face, and none of those bad-for-your-skin ingredients!

PACKAGING: It comes in a 3 oz and a 10 oz (all you will ever need) cylinder-shaped bottle. The cap is black, and the front has a black sticker with RCMA written on it along with other information. The packaging isn’t the nicest, but for me, the product itself is so amazing that it doesn’t matter. Reminds me of theatre makeup packaging (usually, great product, with less money spent on packaging). Also, the size of this bottle, along with it being plastic, makes it perfect for travel.


PRODUCT: First of all, there is no scent, which I like when it comes to powder. The powder feels smooth when put on the skin. It doesn’t necessarily feel buttery, but it doesn’t feel dry. If you like to bake, you should use translucent powder because this powder doesn’t leave any color to brighten the skin. Which to me, is so amazing (sorry baking fanatics, I'm over it!). The BEST thing about this product is that there is no flash-back in photos. Also, for those of you who live for the dewy look, the powder really helps with shine but it doesn’t mattify the skin completely.

REVIEW: I used to be all over translucent powders, which usually have a slight flesh tone, but this product doesn’t alter the foundation color whatsoever. Wow, is it truly colorless! The only thing I don’t like is that it somehow isn’t very great on super dark skin because dark skin usually needs a color powder to keep it warm. Nevertheless, RCMA has such a cool, innovative product on its hands. For anyone who hates flash-back in photos or just wants a setting powder that is affordable and works super well, head to ASAP!

Hope all of you looking for a powder just met your match!