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Winter is coming and that means dry, flaky, and lifeless skin. How fun, right? With the help of some of my favorite products, I keep my skin glowing and happy. I have a couple that I use and love and ones that I have heard amazing things about and I will include them all! The thing I can tell you is that it’s not in the product itself, it’s the layering of products and steps you take. But, don’t layer too many or use too many harsh ones or else it will negatively affect your skin! For me, my everyday products are less harsh (ex: face wash or moisturizer) and my occasional products aren’t necessarily organic or super light on the skin (ex: mask).



Sonia Roselli sexApeel

This is popular in the makeup industry! It will last you a long time and is a full body spray to keep the dead skin off, everywhere.

SIMple exfoliant face cleanser

Affordable, drug store, easy on the skin. I love this brand and the ingredients in it. This is more of a lighter scrub!



I also have a blog on this face wash! I seriously love it, it’s a staple for me. So great for sensitive skin.

Eradikate foaming cleanser

This is great for a deep clean and for people who struggle with acne. The sulfur in it really works! I had this in the past and I would only use it like once a week for a deep clean.

Vanicream Cleanser

Another drugstore cleanser I love. It’s thicker than the simple face wash and was recommended to me by my Dermatologist.


Glamglow supermud

Seriously, this is my favorite product in the world. I LOVE it! It takes all the crap out of my pores and leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft. It also smells like eucalyptus which I love.

Cup o’coffee

Skip the exfoliant with this exfoliant face scrub. It smells like coffee and it rejuvenates the skin! I like to lightly scrub my face with it, leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse it off as if I’m putting it on (exfoliating more).

L’oreal detox mask

This is an amazing drugstore mask. I prefer the others over it, but if you are short on $, this is an affordable one that you can grab at a drugstore nearby.


Wear these before you put your moisturizer on. These have finer molecules that penetrate the skin and won’t be absorbed as well after a moisturizer. I would use this for morning or night or as an occasional product.


If you’re looking to glow up that dehydrated winter skin, this is your serum! Super smooth and not an irritating scent. This evens out texture and discoloration. It’s also vegan!

DRUNK elephant virgin marula oil

So amazing for winter. It adds that extra layer of hydration under your moisturizer and fights against aging. It’s a little thinner than the Caudalie serum! Also, it has no bad ingredients in it.


First, you need a morning and night moisturizer. Let me tell you my favorites!

Origins ginzing energy-boosting moisturizer

I use this every morning! It has coffee beans in the moisturizer to wake up the skin, but it smells like citrus in an amazing way! Like oranges, grapefruits, and mangos all in one. It has a gel-like feel and I really think has improved my skin.

Mario badescu seaweed night cream

I use this every night! It makes my skin so soft in the morning! It’s more of a lotion type feel and it’s pretty thick. It also doesn’t smell like seaweed—more like a baby lotion scent (in a good way, ha!). It moisturizes but isn’t oily.

Bobbi Brown hydrating face cream

I have had this for quite some time, and my mom swears by it. It is rich but also not heavy on the skin. It’s great for morning and night! I don’t love the scent a ton, but I really don’t mind it.

CLinique moisture surge

This is also a gel moisturizer! It is so moisturizing and has hyaluronic acid which is a super moisturizing ingredient! It also has aloe so it’s super soothing. I used this when I had really flaky skin and it helped a lot.


mario badescu facial spray

We all know about this amazing $7 product, and if you don’t, take a peek! I spray it on my face after moisturizing and after makeup. It may be a frou-frou product, but it’s so refreshing and it smells great. It has herbal ingredients that are a great pick me up to the skin! It also comes in lavender and cucumber.

Mac fix+

This is a great makeup setting spray, but I also use it on my bare skin. It comes in original, rose, coconut, and lavender. It feels super fresh and makes your skin hydrated and dewy.

Thanks for reading, guys! Hope you are surviving winter. :)

XX, Mads

Madison Brandt