Welcome to truly madleigh deeply.

Here is some brief info: My name is Madison. I’m 19. Vegetarian. Lover of all things wellness, health, and beauty. Nature-lover. Beauty guru. Deep-feeler. Determined.

Ever since I was young, I had an obsession with cosmetics. When I was 6 years old, I came up with the name "Madleigh Makeup" for my future cosmetics line, mixing my first and middle name. My dream was to become a professional makeup artist, and I started doing makeup for proms, weddings, and corporate events to learn about the industry. I decided to pursue my makeup artist dreams, and I moved to Manhattan to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Soon, after struggling greatly, I realized that the cut-throat world of New York wasn’t for me, despite everyone telling me to stick it out a year. After assisting artists in the city, including Prince’s previous makeup artist, I realized that I didn’t want my career to be in such a superficial, tough world. I wanted more. I fell in love with volunteering at homeless shelters and soup kitchen and giving advice to strangers. My over-thinking, self-aware, Midwestern heart wanted love, connection, and community.

I’m back home in Minnesota and am studying at the University of Minnesota. I have NO idea where I’m going, and my career path is a huge question mark, but I do know that I want to make an impact. And that many people are going through the same things and I want to be a voice for those who struggle as well. This blog and my podcast are the places where I go to create content that will help people live their best lives. Especially those who feel things deeply and are confused about their paths. So, here I am. Truly, madleigh, and deeply yours, taking it one step at a time.

Cheers to well-being!