Welcome to truly madleigh deeply.

Here is some brief info: My name is Madison. I’m 20. Vegetarian. Lover of all things wellness, health, and beauty. Nature-lover. Beauty guru. Deep-feeler. Determined.

As a college student, I started off a the wrong college—I studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Soon, after struggling greatly, I realized that I didn’t want my career to be in the cutthroat, tough world that NYC brought to me. I wanted more. I fell in love with volunteering at homeless shelters and soup kitchen and giving advice to strangers. I spent time going to yoga classes and joining any club I could. My over-thinking, self-aware, Midwestern heart wanted love, connection, and community.

I’m back home in Minnesota and am studying journalism and pursuing the world of health and wellness at the University of Minnesota. This blog and my podcast are the places where I create content to connect with people who struggle as they journey to their best life. Especially those who feel things deeply and are confused about their paths. So, here I am. Truly, madleigh, and deeply yours, taking it one step at a time.

Cheers to well-being!